Flux Laser Cutters and Engravers

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Profound 3D carries the full line of Flux Beamo and Beambox Laser Cutters and Engravers.

FLUX's line of laser cutters and engravers, the Beamothe Beambox Compact and the Beambox Pro, represents the most affordable and most reliable home-based and education-centric desktop laser cutters and engravers available on the market.

Flux Laser cutter

You can now also pre-order the Flux Beam Air,  which is a universal fume extractor for laser cutters and engravers.  If you are using a laser cutter in a home, office, or other space without adequate ventilation, the Beam Air uses four layers of technologically advanced filters to minimize or eliminate a majority of particles and odors produced by the laser cutter. 

Flux Beam Air

For more information about the Flux line of Laser cutters and Accessories, please click HERE

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