FLUX Beambox 40w Desktop Laser Cutter & Engraver

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Beambox desktop laser cutter/engraver brings your ideas to life with its 40w CO2 laser and its large work area

Looking for a larger, more powerful Beambox?  Check out the Beambox Pro!

 Key features:

  • Large work area - cut or engrave materials up to 40 x 37.5 cm
  • Powerful 40w laser - cuts up to 10mm (varies by materials)
  • The laser engraves in vector and raster mode at 500 DPI, allowing you to showcase your design in high resolution
  • Camera alignment - Beambox's built-in HD camera allows you to view the work area and preview your design, for perfect placement, every time.  What you see is what you get!
  • Simple water-cooling - Beambox's compact water-cooling system keeps components at the proper temperature at all times
  • Wi-fi/Ethernet connectivity - connect to Beambox using your wi-fi or eithernet connection for fast, convenient file transfers and project status monitoring
  • Design software support - Compatible with JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF, so just use the graphics editor that is best for you
  • Hassle free software - FLUX’s in-house developed software Beam Studio allows you to edit your files, set up cut/engrave layers, adjust laser power and speed in Beam Studio
  • Safety features - Beambox is fully enclosed, and features integrated ventilation devices that prevent materials from catching fire and extract smokes and fumes. It also has smart lid detection that automatically pauses if the lid is opened during a task.
  • Rotary extension (optional add-on) - this upgrade option allows you to use Beambox to engrave curved objects, like glassware and bottles
  • Beam Air Fume Extractor (optional add-on) - Beam Air uses four layers of technologically advanced filters to eliminate most odors and fine particles created during the laser cutting/engraving process

Beambox is so Easy!

 Beambox Pro - 3 Steps

Compatible Materials

  • Felt - Engraving, Cuttting: 10mm
  • Cardboard - Engraving, Cutting: 7mm
  • Wood - Engraving, Cutting: 5mm
  • Leather - Engraving, Cutting: 6mm
  • Rubber - Engraving, Cutting: 5mm
  • Acrylic - Engraving, Cutting: 5mm
  • Paper - Engraving, Cutting: 5mm
  • Glass - Engraving
  • Anodized Aluminum - Engraving

Flux Beambox Technical Specifications

General Specs

Dimensions = 9.85" x 31.49" x 26.38" (25 x 80 x 67 cm)
Weight = 89 lbs (40 kg)
Work Area = 15.74" x 14.76" (40 x 37.5 cm)
Camera Preview Area = 15.74" x 14.17" (40 x 36 cm)
Work Area Depth = 3.15" (8 cm)
Power = AC 110V/220V
Touch Panel = 1024 x 600 LCD
Camera = HD CMOS
I/O = Wi-Fi / Ethernet

Laser Specs

Spec = 40 W CO 2 Laser
Wavelength = 10640 nm
Moving Speed = 0 ~ 300 mm/s
Cutting Thickness = 0 - 10 mm (varies by material)


Mode = Vector / Graphic (monochrome, gray scale)
Operating System = Windows / macOSX / Linux
File Type = JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF


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Ask a Question
  • what type of safety googles should you use?

    Goggles are not required for using this device.
    When the lid is opened the laser turns off.
    More information is available at:

  • when using the machine what kind of wattage, energy are being used? will this increase your electric bill alot? it seems the extractor fumes filters don't last very long. how long does the tube last and how come only 3 months for tube?

    It is rated at 500w but usually runs at 250w-300w.
    Your experience with regards to your electric bill would depend on how much you use it.
    The tube is a consumable part, and it's replacement cycle depends greatly
    on how much you use it and what you use it for.
    It may last far longer but that's what they cover.

  • What is the warranty on Beambox? This information is not available on Flux website.

    We provide a 12 month warranty for Beambox, and 3 month for the laser tube.
    If you’ve encountered an issue, please contact our technical staff, and our staff will determine the suitable fix.
    Parts and tutorials will be provided if needed, shipping will be charged.

  • What is the resolution (dpi) for this machine? This information is absent on Flux website.

    High resolution laser
    Beambox: The laser engraves in vector and raster mode at 500 DPI, allowing you to showcase your design in high resolution.
    Beambox Pro: The 1,000 DPI resolution will amaze you.

  • What would be the price of the Beambox delivered to Oregon 97801? Thank you

    Our price includes free ground shipping.