Zortrax Inkspire 2

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Industrial-grade proprietary light engine

The light engine in the Inkspire 2 has been developed in-house from the ground up. Zortrax engineers designed an array of UV diodes backlighting a monochromatic screen to achieve uniform UV exposure of every single pixel on a large build platform while retaining utmost precision. Therefore, resin 3D models made on the Inkspire 2 have the same, outstanding quality, regardless of whether they are placed in the center or towards the edges of the build platform. Finally, this new light engine is seven times more powerful than a standard UV LCD screen, which makes Zortrax Inkspire 2 compatible with chosen DLP resins.


  • Light Engine: UV LED Light Source 405nm.
  • Precision: XY precision: 50µ; layer height: 25µ/50µ/100µ
  • Build Volume: 192 x 120 x 280 mm (7.56 x 4.72 x 11.02 in)
  • Platform: pre-calibrated during quality control; immediately ready for 3D printing

Clever automation

The Inkspire 2 makes the entire resin 3D printing process simple and clean through automation cleverly implemented in its key components. This makes working with photopolymer resins easier than ever.


Smart build platform

The build platform in Zortrax Inkspire 2 is designed to make tasks like removing resin 3D prints or getting rid of leftover resin easier. The platform is easily attachable and comes factory-calibrated to make the Inkspire 2 ready for work out of the box.

  • The build platform in the Inkspire 2 can be easily installed and detached. It also can be locked in an angled position that facilitates dripping of the leftover resin to the vat below.
  • he build-platform in the Inkspire 2 is factory-calibrated and works out of the box. But if manual calibration proves necessary at some point in the future, it can be done by following a simple three-stage process clearly explained on the touchscreen.
  • The Inkspire 2 build platform can be attached to the Zortrax Cleaning Station which uses the same intelligent hinge. Moving the platform from one device to the other is fast and easy.

Resin management system

The Inkspire 2 3D printer recognizes how much resin is available in the vat and identifies the amount needed to complete the printing process. There are three separate components working together to make this system work.

  • Resin vat sensors constantly measure how much resin the Inkspire 2 has available in the vat below the build platform. These measurements are used to determine whether additional material should be transferred from the bottle.
  • The Inkspire 2 has a resin bottle holder placed at the back of the 3D printer. This holder has a built-in weight sensor. By measuring the weight of the bottle, the Inkspire 2 knows how much resin it has left. By combining this data with vat sensor measurements, the printer determines if it has enough material to finish the current 3D printing task.
  • The resin can be automatically transferred from the bottle to the vat when necessary with a resin pump. The same pump is used to move the photopolymer left in the vat back to the bottle when the printing process is done. This way the 3D printing material is stored in its original container and the vat can be used to work with different resins.

Practical resin vat

The resin vat in the Inkspire 2 is made to solve real issues users have with operating resin 3D printers. It can be easily installed and detached. Curved corners make it easier to clean. An automatic wiper deals with sedimentation in more advanced resins. It is a simple design that works.

  • The vat can be effortlessly installed and detached by closing or opening easily accessible locks holding it in place. It can be done by hand with no tools. The locks are designed to make the vat pop right where it needs to be. Every time.
  • Changing 3D printing resin is a clean and simple task with the Inkspire 2. First, the pump transfers the resin from the vat back to the bottle. Second, the vat can be removed and cleaned quickly. Once this is done, a new type of resin can be used.
  • More advanced resins have complex formulas with some ingredients having a tendency to gravitationally fall to the bottom of the vat in a process called sedimentation. To prevent sedimentation, the Inkspire 2 has an automatic wiper that stirs the photopolymer in the vat at predefined intervals. This way even large, long 3D prints can be done with advanced, complex materials.

No failed 3D prints caused by blackouts

Zortrax Inkspire 2 has the same, tried and true, blackout response system that works in Zortrax M Series Plus 3D printers. At all times, the machines store enough energy to save the printing progress whenever a power outage occurs. Once the power is back on, 3D printing can be resumed from the same spot. No more failed prints, no more time lost, no more resin wasted.

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