FLUX beamo 30w Desktop Laser Cutter & Engraver

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Powerful features in a compact design make the FLUX beamo an ideal desktop laser cutting and engraving solution for homes, schools, and offices

 Key features:

  • Camera Alignment - beamo's built-in HD camera allows you to view the work area and preview your design, for perfect placement, every time
  • Internal water-cooling - beamo's closed-loop water-cooling system keeps components at the proper temperature at all times
  • High-resolution laser - 1,000 dpi resolution produces, sharp, precision results.  Engraves with 0.05mm layer depth
  • Wi-fi Connectivity - connect wirelessly to beamo for fast, convenient file transfers and project status monitoring
  • Design software support - Compatible with JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF, so just use the graphics editor that is best for you
  • Hassle Free Software & App - FLUX’s in-house developed software Beam Studio & iOS/Android app BeamCam provides a one-stop design experience. Edit texts and vector files, modify bitmap images, align, distribute objects, and much more.
  • Safety features - beamo is fully enclosed, and it automatically pauses if the lid is opened during a task.
  • Rotary extension (optional add-on) - this upgrade option allows you to use beamo to engrave curved objects, like glassware and bottles (diameter range = 8mm to 100mm)

How beamo works:


Download the FLUX beamo user manual here

Compatible Materials

  • Cardboard - Engraving, Cutting: 5mm (7/32")
  • Wood - Engraving, Cutting: 3mm (1/8")
  • Bamboo - Engraving, Cutting: 3mm (1/8")
  • Leather - Engraving, Cutting: 3mm (1/8")
  • Fabric - Engraving
  • Rubber - Engraving
  • Cement - Engraving
  • Acrylic - Engraving, Cutting: 5mm (7/32")
  • Glass - Engraving
  • Stone - Engraving
  • Anode Metal - Engraving

Flux beamo Technical Specifications

General Specs

Dimensions 24.21" x 17.52" x 6.97" (615 x 445 x 177 mm)
Weight 48.5 lbs (22 kg)
Power AC 110V
Touch Panel 1024 x 600 LCD
Camera HD CMOS
I/O Wi-Fi / Ethernet
Camera Preview Area 11.81" x 7.68" (300 x 195 mm)
Standard Mode
Work Area 11.81" x 8.27" (300 x 210 mm)
Work Area Depth 1.77" (45 mm)
Borderless Mode
Work Area 10.23" x 8.27" (260 x 210 mm)

Laser Specs

Spec 30 W CO 2 Laser
Cutting Thickness 0 - 5 mm (varies by material)
Moving Speed 0 ~ 300 mm/s
Maximum Material Height 45 mm
Mode Vector / Graphic (monochrome, gray scale)
Operating System Windows / macOSX / Linux / Chrome OS
File Type JPG / PNG / SVG / DXF


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Ask a Question
  • I am new to this. I have used other bigger lasers before. They are complex and require accurate measurements to place the area that I want to engrave. Cannot get it centered on the object. One of the things that interests me is the camera for making sure that the design is actually going to be in the right spot. Does this really work well. Looking at engraving wooden pens and wooden handled knives; but I need to have the machine do the work to center. Will this work easily like it says?

    With the FLUX beamo's camera preview, what you see on the screen is what you get from the laser cutter.  It really works.  Check out this video to see it in action.

  • With this laser machine what is the average size for a complete design(Such as how big will it cut out the letters in the alphabet)? Also what would be the largest piece of wood that can be place inside foe engraving?

    The operating area on this unit is:
    Work Area 11.81" x 8.27" (300 x 210 mm)
    Work Area Depth 1.77" (45 mm)

  • Is there a specific software program for the machine?

    It is available here:

  • Could I cut 1/4 wood with this?

    The limit appears to be 1/8" for the Beamo.


  • Hello. Is this item actually in stock, and ready to ship now?

    These are in stock and usually ship within 24 hours.