Raise3D - 3D Printing in the Medical Field

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Raise3D is collaborating with an innovative hospital to incorporate specialized FFF 3D printing into the production of orthotic insoles. By combining Raise3D’s E2 desktop 3D printer with ideaMaker, Raise3D’s 3D slicing software, the insoles retain their high performance while remaining cost-effective.

The hospital had insight into a decade of the success of 3D printing and had high standards for the any insoles made using this method of production. It was decided to improve orthotic insoles by implementing 3D printing in conjunction with other digital technologies to the insole fabrication process.

The hospital established its 3D Printing Clinic to operate with additional technical support from its collaborating university biomechanical lab. This technical support includes the latest analysis, scanning, and designing technologies.

Read the Full Story: https://bit.ly/3Bf1UnO

Raise3D E2

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