MakerBot 2022 Guide to 3D Printing Materials

Posted by John Marello on

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Whether you want to create easier prototypes for product development or you need to produce tools on demand, you’ll want to find the 3D printer that can use the right materials for your job. To help you get started, we’ve compiled a guide on the top 3D printing materials available in 2022, their strengths, weaknesses, applications, and more. Think of this as the first step in your journey to adopting a 3D printer.

Featured Topics:

  • Introduction to 3D Printing Materials
  • 3D Printing Materials: From Concept to Production
  • Model Materials: From Polymers to Composites to Metals
  • Support Materials: Enabling the most complex geometries
  • 5 Things that allow the MakerBot METHOD Platform to Print Materials Better


MakerBot 2022 Materials Guide



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