NEW Z-SUITE 2.8.0 is here!

Posted by Jeff Coulter on


No raft printing is here!

"We're happy to inform you that Z-SUITE 2.8.0 has been released today and is available for download. Here are its most important features. Raft and First Layer Customization Rafts are no longer necessary to print with Zortrax LPD 3D printers. A user can dispense with a raft in favor of a brim deposited around the model to build up pressure inside the nozzle. Printing with a raft remains an option however and both the raft and the first layer of the print can now be highly customized. Advanced users can set their density, thickness, speed of printing, and the gap between them and the build platform."

Get it here! [have your system's Serial Number ready - you are going to need it]

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