Flux beamo - Voted Best Value Laser Cutter for 2022 by ALL3DP!!

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FLUX beamo 30W Desktop Laser Cutter & Engraver

The Flux beamo is feature packed, including a built-in HD camera, Wi-Fi connectivity, a closed-loop water cooling system, and FLUX’s free, user-friendly signature software that makes creating and designing a snap.
Weighing just 50 pounds, beamo is the world’s smallest CO2 laser cutter that packs the punch of an industrial model and can shape, cut and engrave a wide range of materials including wood, leather, acrylic, fabric, cardboard, glass and cement while fitting neatly on your desktop.
The beamo comes equipped with Beam Studio for PC and Mac and Beam Go for mobile. Our hassle-free software allows you to edit text and vector files and modify bitmap images in app. Easily auto align your designs in the center of your workpiece or equally distribute designs to cover your working object. Once you’re ready to engrave or cut, enjoy preset parameters for power and speed based on your choice materials.
Voted Best Value Laser Cutter for 2022 by ALL3DP!! Learn more about the Flux beamo laser cutter at https://bit.ly/3PymqVL
Flux beamo laser cutter

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