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ALL3DP has named the "Best Professional 3D Printers for 2019" and Profound3D carries 3 of the BEST!!!

 LulzBot Taz Pro - The LulzBot Taz Pro is a classic example of reliability within the desktop 3D printing sector. Priced at $4,950, this large-format 3D printer isn’t geared towards makers on a budget. Instead, the Aleph Objects’ developed the LulzBot Taz Pro for prosumers, designers, engineers and small businesses.

 Zortrax M300 Plus - Based in Poland, the 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax has a history of manufacturing FDM machines that are easy to use and come with a full ecosystem. The Zortrax M300 Plus is the company’s largest 3D printer, boasting a 300 x 300 x 300mm build volume and a layer resolution of 90 to 290 microns.

 Raise 3D Pro 2 Plus - The Pro2 Plus is an large professional 3D printer that is hard to miss. Most people might look at this machine and focus on the 305×305×605 mm print area, but it’s this printer’s ability to handle the little things that makes it so special. In fact, the Pro2 Plus has an impressive maximum Z-layer resolution of 10 microns. With connectivity accessible through WiFi, LAN, USB, and SD Card, there are plenty of ways to prepare and monitor your 3D prints.

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