Zortrax Z-ASA Pro 3D Printer Filament

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Want to use your 3D printed items outdoors? Zortrax Z-ASA Pro filament is a durable filament which exhibits superior resistance to external factors, including:

  • UV radiation 
  • changing temperature 
  • humidity 
  • sunlight

Using Z-ASA Pro, you can 3D print models and prototypes which keep their initial shape and excellent aesthetics even after functional testing outdoors.

Z-ASA Pro is the way to go for prototypes of sporting equipment and specialized tools, fadeproof models for outdoor purposes or unvarnished automotive and casing elements. Since the weather cannot be changed, Z-ASA Pro is the right material which will help you extend the life span of 3D printed objects used outside.

The material is available in Pure Black, Graphite, and Pure White, and it is compatible with M200 Plus, M300 Plus, as well as Inventure in the single-extrusion mode and M300 Dual in both single- and dual-extrusion modes.

Learn more at https://bit.ly/3ekXsdk

Zortrax Z-ASA Pro Filament

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