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For our Zortrax users, some helpful tips to help keep your printer running at its best and producing the awesome results we've come to expect from the M200.
1. Keep your nozzle clean - heat the extruder and clear it off with a fine brass brush.
2. If you are not using your printer, turn it off. Otherwise you run the risk of burning filament inside the extruder which could lead to a possible clog.
3. If you get a clog, don't panic. We highly recommend keep a spare nozzle just in case. If you don't have a spare, heat your extruder and use the provided wrench to carefully remove the nozzle [CAUTION: IT'S HOT OBVIOUSLY!] and after allowing it to cool soak it in some acetone. This will soften any material inside for easier removal. There are some fine pieces of wire included your accessory kit that can be used to clear the nozzle.
If you have some other issues or problems, please call and we'll be glad to assist!

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