Zortrax Launches New M300 3D Printer to the Global Market

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Zortrax today launches its new M300 3D printer to the global market.

Zortrax's research and development team took all the best features of the original M200 printer and transported them to a higher level. The new M300 printer also has an important advantage when compared to its high-ranked predecessor – it is equipped with an enlarged printing area, which offers professional users from various business sectors the unique option to print large-scale, durable and high-quality objects without the need of splitting them into multiple smaller parts. The M300 features a 300-by-300-by-300-millimeter workspace, giving this new offering from Zortrax one of the biggest printing areas among similar devices currently available on the global market.

"We have already established Zortrax as an industry leader with our award-winning M200, and now we are pushing the boundaries even further by introducing the bigger and better M300," said Rafal Tomasiak, CEO of Zortrax. "The new M300 offers our clients greater flexibility and opens new doors of possibility. The printer also comes with a redesigned material supply system that makes the entire printing process even more user friendly."

The research and development team works continuously to expand the company's product range to accommodate the rapidly changing demands of the global 3D printing market. Zortrax listens carefully to the needs of its clients, and creates solutions that perfectly fit their diverse business needs maintaining rigorous quality and durability standards set by the company.

The M300 printer will be distributed through Zortrax's extensive network of more than 160 resellers making it available in more than 50 countries around the world. The exact price of the M300 printer will depend on the selected currency. Exact pricing information is available at Zortrax's online store: store.zortrax.com/zortrax-3d-printers/zortrax-m300.

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