Zortrax introduces the Endureal - a high-temperature 3D printer

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Zortrax has introduced the Endureal, its latest FFF 3D printer  designed for working with challenging materials such as PEEK.

The Endureal, which debuted this week at the TCT Show, taking place on in Birmingham, UK, is the company’s third generation industrial 3D printer and features a large print bed, dual-extrusion, and an enclosed heated printing chamber for controlled print quality. 

The Zortrax Endureal’s external measurements are 30cm x 40cm x 30cm, with a build volume 300mm x 400mm x 300mm. It integrates 17 built-in sensors operating in real-time for seamless 3D printing. Its standout feature, advanced thermal management, encompasses high-temperature extruders, a heated printing chamber, aluminum build-platform, and a thermally-shielded extruder compartment.

In tandem with Endureal’s utility in production, PEEK, a material exhibiting high wear resistance, excellent thermal properties, biocompatibility, great strength-to-weight ratio, and high radiation resistance, has been made processable. This will enable the creation of high-performance automotive, aerospace, and medical parts. 

As well as PEEK, the Endureal is capable of processing materials including Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-NYLON, and Z-PCABS, much like the Zortrax M300 Plus.

           Zortrax Endureal 3D Printer

Expect Zortrax Endureal 3rd generation industrial 3D printer to arrive in Q1, 2020.

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