ZMorph FAB Multi-Tool 3D Printers

Posted by John Marello on

ZMorph has made choosing the right FAB printer easier than ever with 3 new configurations and lower pricing.

VX FAB 3D printer - The ZMorph VX FAB 3D Printer comes with the 1.75 mm Plastic Extruder toolhead for #3Dprinting, a heated bed and HEPA/Carbon air filtration

FAB 2-in-1 - The FAB 2-in-1 includes ZMorph's 1.75 mm dual material extruder toolhead & the FAB #CNC Toolhead and CNC Bed

FAB Advanced Set - The FAB Advanced Set has all the features of the 2-in-1, but also adds the dual material extruder toolhead & FAB thick-paste toolhead

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