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The ZMorph FAB is the perfect solution for the daily 3D printing demands of schools, engineering and architectural firms, and other manufacturing and prototyping environments.
The ZMorph FAB 3D printer is a great way to get started with #3Dprinting. While it does not include the toolheads and worktable for #CNCmilling and #lasercutting and #engraving, you can always purchase these later to expand the capabilities of this multi-tool #3Dprinter. If you are interested in the ZMorph's CNC milling and laser engraving features, check out the ZMorph Fab All-in-One. If you need the full Fab experience, complete with dual material 3D printing and thick paste extrusion, the ZMorph Bundle Box is for you.
See all of the ZMorph Fab 3D printer options at Profound3D,
ZMorph FAB 3D printers

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