Z-FLEX Printing Tip

Posted by Jeff Coulter on

Zortrax Z-FLEX Printing Tip

Optimized for use on the M200 Plus and M300 Plus, Z-FLEX allows
you to make flexible objects that don't snap or break when bent or folded.
You can also make gaskets [not for critical use] and pads.

Our advice when using this material is to make sure you clean out the
Nozzle and Hotend thoroughly after switching ot another material.
You will find residue from Z-FLEX likes to hang around, so reload the next.
material at least 4 or 5 times before initiating a print job.

[*Please note that Z-FLEX is intended for use with the Zortrax M200 Plus and M300 Plus 3D printers, and is not intended to work with the original M200 model.

Get your Z-FLEX here.

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