Toolkit for Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

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Start your journey into carbon fiber 3D printing with this 3-step interactive toolkit from MakerBot. From the Carbon Fiber Applications Guide to a hands-on demonstration—start 3D printing strong, lightweight Carbon Fiber parts on-demand. 

Carbon fiber is one of the most interesting materials for engineers with a nearly unmatched strength-to-weight ratio, and a heat deflection that is superior to many other materials. Unfortunately, carbon fiber has traditionally been just out of reach due to its high cost as a material and its complexity in manufacturing.

Now, thanks to 3D printing, carbon fiber composites are more accessible than ever before and can be used for everything from prototypes to end use parts.

Step 1) Learn the Basics: The 2021 Guide to 3D Printing Carbon Fiber
→ Discover how 3D printing is opening the door to convenient composites with minimal effort

Step 2) Watch a Hands On Demonstration: How to 3D print carbon fiber on MakerBot METHOD
→ Follow along as we demonstrate how easy it is to get started with carbon fiber 3D printing

Step 3) Print like the Pros: 3D Printing Carbon Fiber Parts for Dakar Rally Racers
→ Learn how Prodrive’s engineers 3D printed carbon fiber parts on-demand in the desert

This 3-step toolkit of interactive resources will help you begin your journey to innovation with strong, lightweight Carbon Fiber parts on-demand. Download at

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