Tiertime Unveils Three New 3D Printers

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Tiertime Unveils Three New 3D Printers at Rapid + TCT 2018

 At the Rapid + TCT show in Texas, Tiertime shone a light on not one but three new 3D printers. One sees an upgrade to a familiar face — the company’s popular Up Mini 2 — while the other two are all-new, including a 12-print-bed toting beast.

One company looking to make a splash at the show is Tiertime. Self-proclaimed as China’s first 3D printer manufacturer, the company has used the show to debut three new 3D printers.

Dubbed the UP Mini 2 ES, UP300 and X5, the printers each cater to differing 3D printing needs. The two UP machines appear to be the more consumer-oriented of the three, with the X5 taking a small-business/low-volume manufacturing route with an interesting print bed automation feature we’ll detail below.

Taking aim at three different use cases, the UP Mini 2 ES, UP300 and X5 all share a few commonalities that are new to the Tiertime ecosystem. In addition to being FDM filament-based 3D printers, they all feature what the company calls an “advanced touchscreen” for user interface, plus dedicated USB memory stick ports, Ethernet port and integration with the new Tiertime Print Queue software.

To read more about the new Tiertime 3D Printers, click HERE

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