Save 10% on SimuBone® Bone Modeling Filament

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Holiday Sale! Save 10% on SimuBone® Bone Modeling Filament

Introducing Simubone®: 3DXTech’s solution for anatomical bone modeling materials. Ideal for both educational and clinical uses, Simubone® can be utilized as a replacement for cadaver bone and patient-specific preoperative surgical planning, or other medical, dental, or veterinary uses. 

SimuBone® Bone Modeling Filament allows you to print realistic bone models for clinical and educational use. Our formulation is based on easy to print PLA coupled with specialty additives that gives your part the look and feel of real bone. Our filament is easy to print on practically any 3D printer and mates perfectly with our AquaTek™ X1 water soluble support for printing complex parts with dual extruder printers.

SimuBone is Antibacterial

SimuBone™ is ISO ISO 22196:2011 certified for eliminating 99.9% of bacteria for the lifetime of the printed part. Our formulation uses an FDA-approved nano-silver antibacterial additive dispersed throughout the polymer. SimuBone™ resin is produced in an ISO 13485 compliant facility and is ideal for use in healthcare clinical and education settings.

Simubone Bone Modeling Filament


Offer ends 12/31/2022. Order online today and Save 10%!!


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