SALE!! Peopoly Phenom Prime 6K MSLA 3D Printer

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On Sale at - Peopoly Phenom Prime 6K MSLA 3D Printer

FASTER, SHARPER RESIN 3D PRINTING - The Phenom Prime 3D printer is equipped with industry-leading 6K UHD monochromatic LCD/LED combination technology, which enables more uniform UV light for faster printing and higher quality results.

PRINT LARGE, BEAUTIFULLY DETAILED PARTS - The Peopoly Phenom Prime MSLA 3D printer has one of the largest print volumes available, allowing you to create large, end-use parts, prototypes, and more.

CUSTOMIZED COOLING SYSTEM FOR BETTER QUALITY PARTS - The Phenom Prime 3D printer has a revolutionary cooling system that was designed to combat heat generated during the printing process. This unique feature helps the fine details on your models shine, as well as produces better results for larger prints.

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Peopoly Phenom Prime Sale


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