Raise 3D and E-Nable Partner for Low-Cost Prosthetics

Posted by John Marello on

Raise 3D and E-Nable have partnered to provide low-cost 3D printed prosthetics to third world countries!

Raise 3D prosthetic

E-Nable Sierra Leon is a branch of the organization in West Africa made up of a group of volunteers. During the the 90s, hundreds of adults and children lost their hands and arms to the brutality of the Civic War.

Offering prosthesis devices in an area such as Sierra Leon involves its own list of challenges.  By utilizing the capabilities of the Raise 3D 3D printers, the E-Nable team has been able to offer specially made prosthetic hands and arms to a population that was previously unserviceable.

To read the entire article about E-Nable and the amazing work they are doing, please click HERE

For more information on the Raise 3D printers, please contact the Profound 3D Sales Department.

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