Polymaker Polylite PLA Filament

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Review: Polymaker PolyLite PLA by CWBullet

Filament quality: The quality is top-notch. It is not brittle and even though I left it out for 3 weeks without hydration protection, I still got a top-quality print. Uniform diameter.
Ease of use: #Polymaker filament is by far and away the easiest to print with filament I've found.
Print quality: None of the test prints failed. The surfaces turned out to be smooth and slightly shiny. The orange color came out just as it was on the spool. The color and print consistency are perfect in my book. I printed about 8-10 small prints with the filament. I had zero jams and 100% print success. Zero quality concerns with the filament or prints it produced.
The bottom line: The quality is top-notch and the filament is less brittle than other filaments. The price is great at $25 for 1kg. I strongly recommend Polymaker PolyLite PLA. 5 stars.
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Polymaker Polylite PLA

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