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Photocentric - Our unique patented 3D LCD printing technology.

LCD driven 3D printers have been the most significant invention in Additive Manufacturing in the last 7 years and have become the go to choice for high resolution, low price printing.

The concept we invented. Using an LCD screen as a light source, an entire layer is encoded simultaneously, rather than small area by area. LCD printing benefits from one of the greatest technological advances of the last 50 years the use of visual display screens. It can produce much larger volumes than alternative methods, creating new products at rates previously unimaginable. The simplicity of the process is its strength, if using daylight as opposed to UV, the exposure is even and the machine stable for many years of use.

Advantages of LCD 3D printers:


Prints can meet all other methods in resolution by using screens from VR headsets, mobiles, tablets, up to TV screens.

Faster printing

LCD printing creates more volume more quickly than other methods as complete layers are printed simultaneously.

Cost effective

LCD screens are the most cost effective and reliable visual display device on the planet which is constantly improving in resolution and lowering in price.


LCD screens when exposed with daylight, the light intended to be emitted through them, can last a lifetime, think of how often you replace your TV.


It is very simple, illuminate the image and the screen does the work, its simplicity is its elegance and its power.

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Photocentric LCD Printers

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