Penn State Opens MakerBot Innovation Center

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Taken from Penn State


Today, Penn State held a grand opening for the installation of a new 3D printing lab, the Maker Commons. The lab features a large-scale MakerBot Innovation Center designed to help universities and organizations innovate faster, attract talented students or staff, increase collaboration, and compete more effectively. The Maker Commons features 32 MakerBot desktop 3D printers and staff to answer questions and help with projects.

The Maker Commons is housed in Penn State’s Pattee Library and positioned so every student will have access to the lab. Students across all of Penn State’s locations are also able to send projects to the 3D printers via Once a student uploads the design, it will be added to a queue of projects waiting to be printed. Once the print request is complete, it’ll be sent to the student through the same delivery system used for intercampus library materials.

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