Nylon on the Raise3D N2 series.

Posted by Jeff Coulter on

From a good friend and client - we'll call him Jan for now [since that is his name]:
I have had some success with the Taulman 230 use ABS High Res setting.
Bump up the bed temp to 90
Bump up the nozzle temp to 255
Cover the extruder fans so that they are not blowing on the parts ( I use a
piece of duct tape) [or you can use the Raise3D provided slide on covers from the accessory bag].
And use the override on the travel speed set at 60%
And I cover the print are with the all-purpose Elmer's glue stick.
The corners do warp up a bit have not ironed that out maybe add mouse ears
to the corners on the bottom and trim off later.

VERY IMPORTANT... fully purge the nozzle as soon as it is finished printing.
The NYLON hardens up and is impervious to Acetone so very hard to clean up.

We'll share more tips from our experts - feel free to share your own expertise so we can pass it on!

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