Now Available from Profound3D - Pro Series 3D Printer Filament

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Now Available from Profound3D - MatterHackers PRO Series 3D printer filament!

PRO Series 3D printer filament is manufactured to create the most accurate, consistent, and reliable 3D prints for your business or professional use. MatterHackers has developed a range of responsive high-performance thermoplastics that maintain reliability through your process of rough prototyping to sophisticated, end-use products. No matter your goal, PRO Series filament delivers parts exactly as you intended them.

Not only is the PRO Series line of filament carefully crafted, but there is an extensive collection of materials to choose from that fit every need and specific applications. From Tough PLA for serious prototyping to vibrant Nylons for sturdy, lasting products, PRO Series 3D printing materials deliver quality parts, time after time. PRO Series filament is created with end-use results as the main priority, ensuring that your finished 3D printed parts are as clean, sturdy, and functional as possible. Find the perfect PRO Series material for your next creative endeavor at

Pro Series 3D Printer Filament

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