New! ideaMaker 4.0.1

Posted by Jeff Coulter on

New! ideaMaker 4.0.1

Newly released version of ideaMaker!
Get it HERE.

Read more about the new features added in ideaMaker 4.0.1 Version 4.0.1.
• Added “Avoid Retraction at Start” option to enable/disable a retraction when extruder finishes the Start GCode and travels toward the models.
• Added support to save the last viewed tab in Advanced Settings.
• Added “Maximum Frame Rate” option under “Preferences” to set FPS for model display in ideaMaker. Also added GCode preview to avoid low 3D FPS issues in some operating systems.
• Added “Show in Folder” option to be selected when exporting files, as well as the option to choose whether to show this dialogue the next time it is selected.
• Added “Cross Section” feature under the Preview.
• Fixed ideaMaker crash after clicking the “Slice” button when there is no template available under “Select Template”.

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