MakerBot Simplifies ABS 3D Printing with RapidRinse

Posted by John Marello on

Introducing MAKERBOT METHOD X with ABS RapidRinse


Print ABS manufacturing tools and production parts to spec - with the ease of PLA. MakerBot RapidRinse is a tap water soluble support material for ABS that dissolves easier, cleaner, and faster than anything else. All on the only 3D printer capable of repeatable ABS parts - METHOD X.

“Our goal with METHOD has always been to make industrial 3D printing easy, reliable, and accurate on a desktop 3D printer,” stated MakerBot CEO Nadav Goshen. “With RapidRinse and ABS-R, we are continuing to deliver on that promise. METHOD is the only desktop 3D printer in its price class with a heated chamber that can print a range of advanced polymers, composites, and metal—all on one machine. Further, RapidRinse is another step we are taking with Stratasys in our ongoing efforts to support sustainable manufacturing practices and industry safety standards.”

MakerBot Method & Method X 3D printers are available from!!

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