Last Days to Save On Raise3D Pro2 Series

Posted by John Marello on

There are still a few days left to save on these Raise3D Pro2 Series End of the Year Specials! Offers end 12/31/2022!

For Each Raise3D Pro2, get a $500 *Coupon To Use On

*Coupon details for the Pro2 3D printer promotion. (You will receive the $500 *coupon after purchasing the Pro2 3D printer. This *coupon must be used within 3 months after the order of Pro2 3D printers is placed. This $500 *coupon is valid for all Raise3D products, including all Raise3D printers. This coupon is not valid or applicable for purchasing printer carts and third party items).

Order online at


$1000 Discount on the Raise3D Pro2 Plus and 6 Free Spools of Filament. Order online at

If you have any questions about the Raise3D Pro2 Series Promotions, please contact us at 888-874-7441 or email



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