How to Protect Yourself Against Phishing

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Protect Yourself Against Phishing Attacks!

Phishing is a cybercrime where attackers, posing as a legitimate institution, try to lure a victim into providing personal data, passwords, banking, or credit card details. Phishing attacks are usually conducted by contacting targets via email, phone, or text messages designed to resemble genuine communications as closely as possible.

Here are some steps we recommend you take to protect yourself from phishing attacks.

1) Act on the limited trust principle. Think twice before clicking links or opening attachments in the emails you receive.
2) Never share your logins nor passwords with anyone.
3) Read your emails carefully. Fake messages are often written carelessly and contain spelling mistakes or incorrect punctuation.
4) Take a close look at the link before clicking it. Attacker make minor changes in domain names like replacing a letter “I” with a digit “1”.
5) When in doubt whether an email is genuine or not, call the sender on the phone and confirm it.
6) Make sure you are using an up to date web browser, operating system, and antivirus software.

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