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Geek Time!

I setup my old desktop PC here with Debian Linux.
It's the flavor of Linux I know pretty well, and I wanted to see how ideaMaker worked on it.
It only takes about 45 minutes to setup a running Debian system.
Get it here.
If you download the NETINST you can then boot from a thumb drive and complete it from there.
[this assumes you have an internet connection on the target system]

So everything was up and running, and I installed ideaMaker from the supplied .deb file from Raise3D:
Get it here.
You will probably want the 64-bit version for any reasonably recent hardware system.
When trying to run the ideaMaker application, the window appeared for a second, and then closed.
Not what I was hoping for.
So I went through the logs and found a SEGFAULT.
Using Google as my guide, I tracked this down to small change needed in the SSL config file.
Open /etc/SSL/openssl.cnf in your favorite text editor [I use pico] and under the "# System default" section, add the line:
and make sure "OPENSSL_CONF=default_conf" is commented out.

Now ideaMaker runs without error.
This ends our geek lesson for today.

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