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Posted by John Marello on

Bundle Deal!!CraftBot Plus 3D Printer With Advanced Upgrade Package for only $1299!!

CraftBot Plus Advanced Upgrade Package Includes:

  • CraftBot Plus 3D Printer - easy-to-use, versatile 3D printer with tons of features, at a fantastic price
  • CraftBot Plus Plexiglass Door - enclose the build chamber for creating the 3D printing conditions required for ABS and other higher-temperature materials
  • CraftBot Plus Perforated Build Plate - ideal for creating strong model adhesion when using ABS and other more exotic materials
  • CraftBot Plus Dome Cover - when combined with the door, the dome cover completely encloses the CraftBot Plus for the most stable 3D printing conditions.  The dome cover also includes an air filter to mitigate any micro particles and fumes.
  • Two 1kg Spools of ABS Filament - ABS is less brittle, stronger, and more impact resistant that PLA

CraftBot Plus 3D Printer


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