Customer Review of the ZMorph VX 3D Printer

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Read what our customers are saying about the ZMorph VX 3D printer:

Ryan at Blink left the following 5 star review for the product ZMorph VX Printing Set - Open Box:

"Love our ZMorph VX

We purchased the ZMorph VX as we wanted to get started prototyping on a small scale and wanted to have the option to 3D print, laser cut and engrave and cut with CNC. Our office isnt huge, so being able to get started in each area with only 1 device, was a big benefit to us. We use the 3D printer and laser the most, but have used the CNC as well. The unit also comes with a slicing program called Voxelizer. It is super simple to use, however it does lack some super advanced options. For example, you can not change the extrusion head or base temperature throughout the print, unless you edit the G-code yourself. So sometimes we use Slicer3D instead when we need those very precise printing parameters, but 95% of the time, Voxelizer works for us. Prior to purchasing the VX, I had never used a 3D printer, Laser or CNC and had sample prints of all 3 items on the first day. It is perfect for early beta prototypes and trying out new ideas. We just recently tried producing our own Circuit board and it worked on the first try. It was a very simple design with minimal traces, but it was successful on the first try. I recommend this for anyone who wants to have all 3 items (3D Print, Laser and CNC) in a small footprint and low cost (less than 3 individual devices). If you are looking to produce multiple production quality items and high throughput, this isn't the right machine. When we need something produced at a higher quantity, we produce the prototype and mold and send it to be injection molded. Enjoy."

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