COVID-19 - What can I do?

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COVID-19 - What can I do?

Another in a series of informational posts.

"Listen, kid, we're all in it together."
Harry Tuttle-Heating Engineer
[Robert De Niro in Terry Gilliam's "Brazil"]

<<< DISCLAIMER >>> None of the models have been approved by any regulatory agency. Use it at your own risk. If you are going to provide any printed models to any 3rd party, please always check with such party and the local government agency for approval and permission.<<< DISCLAIMER >>>

The Raise3D team received an urgent request from nearby hospitals for Mask Wearing Connectors. We are printing them in PLA.
They are designed to reduce pressure on the ears which allows medical personnel to keep their masks on for longer while limiting adjustments and face touching.
Anything to make their lives more comfortable.

This is our small contribution to the ongoing efforts around the globe. Our machines are currently in ongoing production on these and face sheild frames and we can always use more help. Join us and help #HackThePandemic.

Here is the file CLICK.

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