Covid-19 Update from Profound3D

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To our valued customers,

I hope that this note finds you and your families safe and healthy. Given the very unusual time, I thought I would send you an additional update with useful insights that may help you in regards to your business with Profound3D.

Our Physical Operations

We have been able to successfully keep all of our physical operations running. Our focus has been finding solutions that keep all of our employees safe, while also allowing us to take care of our customers and our supplier partners.

To make sure that our teams are safe, we have been employing a wide range of safety precautions, including:

1) No access for visitors or other third parties to our fulfillment center.
2) Limiting staff in our facility to a minimum, covering order processing and order picking staff.
3) Extensive social distancing guidelines and training in each of our operations.
4) A regular schedule of thorough cleanings of our facilities.
5) Offering hand sanitizer gear to our employees. On Monday we'll be receiving mask stock to share with all our workers.
6) A firm procedure for quarantining inbound freight before shipping to end-users.

This has been successful in making sure that we have kept everyone healthy. We have had no cases of COVID-19.

Recent Sales Volume & Forward Demand

We are seeing increased interest in 3D products by users helping local medical facilities with making masks and other important parts. This has created some backorders on key printer filaments and parts, but we're working with our suppliers to keeps inventory coming in. Our team is posting stories and resources on the printing of medical suppliers and parts almost daily. We suggest you check out our social media outlets if you are looking for more information.

In Closing

We very much appreciate your partnership. Thanks for believing in Profound3D.

Frank Quinlisk


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