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Are you ready for the next generation of Zortrax?

The best gets better...

• LPD Plus dual-extrusion technology - allows for 3D printing with water soluble support material
• Large build volume - M300 Dual has a 265x265x300 mm workspace
• Wi-Fi, USB, and Ethernet connectivity
• Create wireless networks of M300 Plus 3D printers
• Manage multiple M300 Plus printers from one workstation
• Wireless file transfer
• Advanced remote monitoring
• Fail-safe 3D printing
• Blackout response system prevents failures if power is disrupted.
• Advanced filament control automatically pauses a 3D print if the filament runs out, jams, or if the nozzle gets clogged
• Compatible with perforated, glass, and other build platforms - M300 Dual's glass build plate allows for 3D printing without a raft, giving models a clean, smooth bottom surface. The perforated plate promotes the adhesion of the model to the build surface.
• Capacitive displacement sensor calibration - automatically ensures proper calibration of the build surface, regardless of which type of build platform is installed.
• Supports single and dual extrusion modes
• Built-in Camera - watch the M300 Dual print from your computer
• Zortrax Z-SUITE 2 Software Connect to multiple M300 Dual printers using Z-SUITE 2's Wi-Fi module to create a 3D printing network capable of tackling the most ambitious manufacturing and prototyping projects
• Monitor and manage all of your connected Zortrax printers from one screen
• Tabbed projects allow for working on multiple project simultaneously
• Zortrax material profiles for the highest quality 3D printing with Z-FILAMENT materials
• Supports slicing for third-party materials
• Thin wall detection helps to spot problems before starting the 3D print project
• Editable supports allow for full control over support structure. Adjust the automatically generated support or manually add support if needed.

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