Better 3D Printing Quality with Zortrax Z-ULTRAT

Posted by John Marello on

Are your looking for durable, good-looking #3Dprints

If so, the answer to your needs is Zortrax Z-ULTRAT filament. The Z-UltraT material is available on 800g and 2000g spools that can be utilized in #Zortrax 3D printers as well as any other FFF #3Dprinters. It is available in a variety of colors.

Z-ULTRAT is an ABS-based filament for #3Dprinting. This universal material combines the strength with a high-quality appearance. These features are perfect for end-use parts that have to keep their original shape during operation.

  • Functional prototypes 
  • End-use parts 
  • Consumer products 
  • Casing prototypes 
  • Mechanical parts 
  • Tools and spare parts 
  • Sculptures and accessories

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