Best Large Format 3D Printer!

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The Best Large Format 3D Printer of 2018 is… the Raise3D Pro2 Plus!!

According to ALL3DP!

Why we picked the Raise3D Pro2 Plus as Best Large Format 3D Printer: 

There’s no getting around it, the Raise3D’s flagship is gigantic. It’s massive. It’s humongous. A small child could probably sit inside its frame. But don’t be intimated by the size.

Everything on this printer has the tag “professional” written over it. The build quality is excellent. Everything is sturdy, nicely designed, the Z-axis rods alone are hefty sticks of industrial grade metal.

Raise3D’s  “Ideamaker” software makes slicing and fine tuning your print jobs easy. Overall, this 3D printer is meant to work in a lab, a university, a manufacturing line for a long, long time.

The Raise3D Pro2 Plus comes with a massive 305 x 305 x 605mm build area. The V2 hotend can deliver temperatures up to 300 C and, thanks to an enclosed chamber and a heated bed, this large-format 3D printer can print notoriously tricky materials and even metal composites (with the upgrade to a wear-resistant nozzle). Thanks to a 10 micron Z resolution and 0.78 micron X/Y/Z step size you can print fine detail with ease.

Who it’s for: Folks who want a professional machine and want to print big. Like, REALLY BIG.

Why you should buy it: Because the Raise3D Pro Plus combines a great workflow with large capacity FDM 3D printing.

How much you’ll pay: $5,999 (If you don’t need the full size, there’s still smaller but no-less capable Raise3D Pro2 for $3,999.)

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