A Call To Arms To Fight COVID-19

Posted by John Marello on

On March 16th, a public spreadsheet called 3D Printer Crowdsourcing for COVID-19 was created for 3D printing professionals and hobbyists alike to volunteer their time and resources to print masks, valves, or whatever else hospitals are running short on. Two days later, there are already more than 2,200 volunteers on the list from all over the world. That really warms the heart. Please add your name to the list if you have a 3D printer and would like to help. This is one of the unforeseen benefits of decentralized manufacturing empowered by 3D printing as this rather large community can produce thousands of components using the same files, all while maintaining social distancing protocols to minimize the spread of the disease.

Sign up for the 3D Printer Crowdsourcing for COVID-19 public spreadsheet, https://bit.ly/3a8NjMd

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