Elements 3D Printed on Zortrax M200 Showcased during the SS16 Fashion Week

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Taken from Zortrax

By Ludmiła Rafalska

As most of you can probably notice spring is thriving, so it would be great to start the new season with some cool, stylish garment. The Macedonian’s designer Irina Tosheva came up with the same idea and while being one of the designers to present their collection during the SS 16 fashion shows, she amazed the audience with completely fresh ideas.


Wearable Shapes

The constantly developing 3D printing technology has apparently multiple applications and fashion is the field where more and more experiments are made concerning shapes and structures. Things that were impossible to imagine in the past are nowadays appearing on the catwalks during the biggest fashion shows. But what 3D printing technology can actually give to the fashion world? The answer is variety. Multiple shapes, constructions, jewelry pieces and accessories are now within hand’s reach. The technology gives you in fact the real freedom of design as now you are not limited only to the standard materials like leather, fabrics or metal. What is more, this revolutionary technology allows you to have even the fanciest of your designs literally in your hands. Thanks to the affordable technology creating intricate designer pieces is now available to famous fashion gurus as well as to design students.


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