The Academy of Our Lady of Peace Excels with STEM

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NEW PROVIDENCE, NJ - What is STEM and why is it important? STEM stands for the interdisciplinary and hand-on approach to integrating Science, Technology, Engineering and Math into lessons that prepare our students for the skills necessary in the 21st Century. Through STEM activities, students develop their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities. They learn to collaborate and create solutions which are important skills as they continue their education and eventually compete in a global economy.

The Academy has immersed itself in STEM education starting with our Early Childhood Education students (PreK-3 to Kindergarten) and continuing into our Middle School.

The Academy has invested in various tools that bring excitement into the classroom and provide opportunities for problem solving. Among these tools includes a MakerBot 3D Printer, Sphero robot balls, and a hydroponics tower and garden. In addition to these, the Academy teachers also use everyday materials in their STEM lessons to challenge their students in the four disciplines.

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