4 Fun Clover Facts About St. Patrick’s Day!

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Create your own luck this St. Patrick’s Day with MakerBot! Celebrate by making 3D-printed charms that embody the true spirit of holiday cheer. We’ve compiled a quick list of four St. Patrick’s Day facts to help you decide which prints are most suited for your celebration. Learn more about St. Patrick’s Day and how you can enjoy this exciting time with these holiday-themed 3D prints.



Tradition with a Twist

Did you know that St. Patrick wasn’t actually from Ireland? He was originally born in the UK. His dedication to Celtic Christianity and his mission to increase its prevalence in Ireland led to him becoming a widely recognized figure in the Celtic community. You can commemorate this cultural appreciation of St. Patrick by wearing prints like this delicate Celtic Dragonfly pendant, or this Celtic Trinity Heart pendant. These charming Celtic coasters are elegant accents to a dining area. Or you can just use this Celtic clover as a decorative piece for your desk at work. There’s also a Celtic cross you can print to keep true to the more traditional significance of the holiday.  



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