Review: The Zortrax M200 3D Printer Broadens Young Minds & Delights, Operates Flawlessly

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by | Mar 9, 2016

Very often we write about 3D printers–sometimes countless times–that are in the news but we have not yet had the good (hopefully!) fortune to switch on for ourselves and get down to the real nitty gritty business of actual 3D printing.

After a couple years have passed, and my peers and I here at have written about Zortrax over and over from reports on fabulous sales numbers for both hardware and materials to their involvement in education, and far more, the powers that be decided it was high time one of us laid hands on the Zortrax M200. After some emailing back and forth, it was decided that the Zortrax team would mail the M200 all the way from Poland to my home.

packed up


It was a very busy workweek here from my homefront in Colorado, and as many inches of snow were still busy accumulating in my yard and on the walkway, I cringed worrying about the FedEx carrier slipping on my walkway as she pulled up noisily enough to bring me to the door, along with my herd of excited and nosy little dogs. I was in the middle of a writing deadline and hadn’t had time to pull up the specs on the machine again yet, especially in terms of size or weight, so I was wondering about heft.

Standing at the door, freezing and dodging snow flying sideways in the wind, I heard the FedEx driver pushing what sounded like very, very heavy items around in her truck. This went on for some time and I began to grow anxious, looking out at the weather, snow, and ice. After a few moments I was relieved to see her bounce down the steps of the truck quite spry in the snow and bearing the box with ‘our’ Zortrax M200 casually under one arm, with the waybill in the other, just ready for my signature.

The busyness of work and life continued, of course, and I knew I wanted to devote a good amount of time to exploring what we could do with the Zortrax M200, as well as reading all the documentation that came with it before I got started. So, in my efforts to wait for the perfect day—and we all know how that went—the box stood waiting patiently for a week. My children? Not so patient. From waking up until falling asleep, they asked every day when we were going to start 3D printing, and each day I replied, “Soon!”

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