Zortrax update on Nylon filament

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We've had some customers inquire regarding an Nylon filament for Zortrax printers. Here's an update from Zortrax in Poland which does an excellent job of explaining their perspective, as well as the challenges of working with different filament materials. 

We are constantly working on many types of filaments including Nylon. It takes some time, because our printers, filaments and software makes one ecosystem, and we have to be sure that we can achieve the same quality every time our customers need it. With Nylon filaments it’s not an easy task. We have to set the temperature and other settings very carefully, because end users can’t set all the parameters by themselves. We have to assure them that the printed model will have same dimensions and quality every time they want to use our printers, even for a lot of modes printed one by one.

This is a part of the Zortrax philosophy and strategy. Reliability and print quality without forcing users to try all the option before a perfect print. Our printers has to print without a need of any special abilities and technical knowledge of the end user.

This is why we are not rushing for new materials. We will introduce them and when we do, they will be very dependable and it’s not a standard concerning flex or nylon filaments.

With open systems, you just say that you can print with every material and that’s it. Our strategy is slightly different.

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