3D printing in 3rd grade classroom

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Technology is one of the most important parts of our lives; this makes it very important that student should be guided to make use of technology in best of its way. Technology when used to teach the students such that they get to make use of something they already learned theoretically is a great idea.


This idea was presented to world by the two learned teachers of 3rd grade. They combined mathematical knowledge of geometry and latest technology of 3D printing together. This combination of two factors not only made mathematics and especially geometry fun for students but also practical use of them is also learned. How these two teachers proceeded while introducing technology of 3D is somewhat like this:

Introducing 3D technology

When children were introduced to the revolutionary technology, they were guided to make use of mathematical shapes to design the castle. During the designing process they learnt how to make use of different 3 dimensional shapes in order to plan their castle and along with it make use of 3D printing to acquire the result.

What outcome was expected from this learning process?

Students were expected to learn about 2D and 3D shapes; most importantly that how they can make use of these shapes and build something like a castle. Different geometric features of a shape were aimed to be earned by a student edges, vertices and sides of the shape and how to use it strategically to design the masterpiece.

With these important things other things that the students learned through the process was using art programs in which they were supposed to design their castle. As they were designing, other than geometry something else related to mathematics that they learnt is scaling and measurement.

Project assessment

Teachers of 3rd grade basically discussed with their students that on what basis should their project be assessed and what should be important things that should be noted. Students suggested that their projects should be evaluated on the basis that there are at least 4 different geometric shapes in the castles they are building. Also other criterion was, to be able to count the sides, edges and vertices of the shapes used in the castle. These things made this project a joint effort of teacher and students. The students were given a free hand to work on project and this actually helped them use their creativity with their knowledge of mathematics.

The effort of the two teachers of 3rd grade is bringing knowledge of not just traditional subject of mathematics and geometry but also making it more interesting by combining it with technology like 3D printing. Students know more about what they are learning and use of previously known as theoretical knowledge of geometry. In future these students will come up with great ideas of their own and what better is then well-educated future generation who is learned and has know-how of latest technology and its use in the best way possible. The uprising must go on and students should be equipped with the proper knowledge of it and these 3rd graders will be really futuristic.

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