3D Print This Incredible Superhero Mask from Zortrax

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The costume and replica prop communities have taken to 3D printing like wildfire. From making full Iron Man costumes to Thingiverse’s amazing collection of Star Wars props, 3D printing has become a great way for fans to show their love for their favorite movies or characters. Last week, 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax gave back to that community by creating an amazing 3D printable mask inspired by the comic book superheroes we all love.

The Zortrax Super Hero mask was designed to be printed on the Zortrax M200 using Zortrax’z Z-HIPS material. Don’t worry though — if you don’t have an M200, Zortrax released the files as STLs which can be used on any printer. The M200 scored second place in our testing this year, and those of us that had a chance to use it all liked it so much that theMakerShed decided to be one of the few resellers here in the U.S. If you are looking for an easy-to-use workhorse 3D printer, the M200 is a great option.


The design itself is made up of over 40 individual prints, and includes a printable display stand. The pieces that don’t just fit together are held in place with 3MM screws that help to create the futuristic and menacing look of this piece. While many techniques could have been used to help smooth out the design, the creator decided to leave the 3D printed layer lines in the mask to help lend to the entire aesthetic. The addition of LEDs to create glowing red eyes completes the overall look.


I think this project does an amazing job of not only showing off how cool 3D printed items can look, but also how well a company can show off their product while also giving back to the communities that make up their customer bases. This design will hopefully inspire others to become 3D printing superheroes!

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