Apple investigating 3D color printer technology

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Apple is showing signs of stepping into 3D printing, but on a consumer level. Apple's application, as published with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, proposes two print heads. One for depositing the filament material, and the other for applying color.

Apple 3D print patent

According to, 

"In general, current consumer 3D printers with linear feed mechanisms are limited to single color creations. Changing out filaments is possible, but the process is hardly ideal and may not result in high quality prints.  Apple proposes a system that uses two print heads, one for depositing material and another for applying color. In some embodiments the color head is aligned in parallel with the material head on the same support bar, while other iterations place the color head on a separate side support. Both scenarios call for color to be applied while the material print head shoots liquid-to-solid material on a moveable platform."

Apple's patent isn't clear how Apple will present a 3D printer to the marketplace, but the according to, "the patent language does contain references to home use, an example being the creation of toys."

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