3D Print Your Own Protective Equipment (PPE) with ZMorph

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Zmorph Mask

Profound3D is releasing ZMorph STL files for various personal protective equipment along with assembly instructions and tips on 3D printing. Help yourself and your local community with ZMorph files.

All models were made using ZMorph VX All-In-One 3D Printer.

ZMorph Face Shield -

This version of face shield was designed by the ZMorph team and is based on a classic concept. Our model has extra space for people wearing glasses, can be adjusted to different head sizes, and can use an A4 clear cover page as a protection. It should be 3D printed with PET filament as it can be easily sterilized and cleaned in autoclave or manually. We’ve made it as simple as possible to achieve a fast and easy to print model.

Zmorph Open Mask

ZMorph Face Shield (openable) - It’s a bit more complex version of the face shield that requires more parts, and therefore more time to 3D print and assemble. However, the front part can be lifted over the head, so there is no need to take off it whole if you want to put on a fresh face mask, eat something, or for any other reason. Get the file here. 

Ears Reliever -

If you wear a face mask on a daily basis you know how tiring it can be for your ears. That’s why we’ve designed the ears reliever on which you can hook the mask behind your head. For this project we’ve used PET filament. Get the print file here.

Neoprene Mask

Neoprene Mask -

This is a project for an easy neoprene mask that can be laser cut. It covers your mouth and nose. There are 3 variants available: simple, with tuck, with tuck and engraving. Ear straps are regulated and mounted with 3D printed latches. For this project we’ve tested 2 mm and 3 mm neoprene and both sizes worked well. Get the files here.

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