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Lulzbot are the geniuses behind the TAZ line of 3D printers, including the Mini & Mini2. Known for building robust and dependable 3D printers, LulzBot has used the last decade to develop the TAZ line of 3D printers to its current summit, the TAZ 6 model pro 3D printer. The TAZ 6 features a PEI heated print bed, a self-cleaning nozzle and one of the largest functional build platforms of any current 3D printer, continually showing itself to be an everyday reliable powerhouse 3D printer. Introduced in 2019, the Lulzbot TAZ Pro 3D printer is a professional level, dual-extrusion printer designed which enables engineers and professionals to use materials like nylon, polypropylene and polycarbonate (and more). Dual-extrusion, color touchscreen, 32-bit Rambo board, and other industrial-grade upgrades are included in the The TAZ Pro 3D printer. The Mini 2, TAZ Pro & TAZ 6 include SD card readers for wireless 3D printing and harness the latest technology for detailed and precise 3D prints. Lulzbot has an impressive collection of interchangable tool heads, so TAZ 6 users received variable options for dual-extruding in printing using TAZ’s Dual Extruder V3 Tool Head, or can print with advanced and abrasive filaments using the Hardened Steel HS Tool Head. Lulzbot’s Mini 2 can print use the SE Tool Head with flexible materials. TAZ 6 users can produce durable parts with TAZ’s MOARStruder Tool Head. TAZ Mini 2 users may choose for the SL Tool Head/Micro for super-detailed 3D printing resolution down to 23 microns. Both TAZ 6 and Mini2 operators can take advantage of Profound’s broad list of available filaments with the TAZ tool heads, including ABS, PLA, TPU, NylonX or Nylon. Profound3D is excited about offering the Lulzbot line of reliable, tough and dynamic 3D printers. You can take advantage of Lulzbot’s decade of experience making printers for all types of filament based 3D printing. The Lulzbot TAZ and Mini 3D printers are leaders in the 3D printing revolution. Profound3D offers the Lulzbot TAZ Pro, Mini 2 and TAZ 6 to help take you 3D printing projects from planning to production.

Profound3D offers LulzBot Education Bundles to qualified educational organizations.  Click here for more information.