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Zortrax Z-PLA Pro Filament - 2kg Spool for M300

Zortrax Z-PLA Pro Filament - 2kg Spool for M300


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Virtually Zero Shrink - 3D Print Your Largest Models and Maintain Dimensional Accuracy

1.75mm filament for Zortrax M300 3D printers

Z-PLA Pro prints large (and small) models with no warping, and its beautiful, smooth, matte surface finish shows every detail of even the most complex 3D printed models.  These properties make Z-PLA Pro especially useful for large or tall models, and architectural mockups.

Z-PLA Pro Detail

 Z-PLA Pro Features

  • Practically Zero Shrink - Z-PLA Pro's reduced shrinkage means you can scale your model up or down and maintain the required dimensional accuracy.  It also makes it great for 3D printing large and tall models without warping common to some other materials.
  • Spectacular Smoothness - Z-PLA Pro's surface quality resembles the texture of gypsum casts, so its smooth surface clearly shows every detail

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